The node GO+LOMBARDIA is a group of stakeholders and training providers managing the local network of training companies and the related catalogues and calendars of local seminars and international circuits in the Lombardia.


GO+LOMBARDIA activities are managed by a workgroup whose appointed members are:


Committee coordinator: Massimo Manelli (ÈCOLE)

Operative coordinator: Martina Manfredda (ÈCOLE)

Operative coordinator: Paola Rossetti (ASSOLOMBARDA)

Training expert: Grazia Bonanomi (ASSOLOMBARDA)

Training expert: Uberto Minghi (ASSOLOMBARDA)

Training expert: Stefano Tosoni (ÈCOLE)

Training expert: Amedeo Veglio (ASSOLOMBARDA)

Tutor/facilitator: Arianna Brusati (ASSOLOMBARDA)

Tutor/facilitator: Silvia Braglia (ÈCOLE)

Tutor/facilitator: Silvia Orsi (ÈCOLE)

Tutor/facilitator: Paola Villa (ASSOLOMBARDA)

Secretary: Cristina Zingaro (ÈCOLE)


Sector: GO+ node
Country: Italy
Address: Via Pantano, 9
Zip: 20122
City: Milano
Province: Milano
Phone: +39 02 58370723
Fax: +39 02 58370484

Local Catalogues

Catalogue Circuits Seminars
GO+LOMBARDIA : scopri le imprese di eccellenza 0 30

International circuits

Circuit Sector
Corporate Marketing Strategies of Lombard Companies Marketing
Digital Innovations serving Business Excellence in Lombardy ICT



Stakeholder Country
ASSOLOMBARDA Confindustria Milano Monza e Brianza IT

Training providers

Training provider Country
ÈCOLE – Enti Confindustriali Lombardi per l'Education IT

Local training companies

Training company Country Sector
BAUSCH&LOMB – IOM s.p.a. IT Pharmaceutical - Eye Care
Bettin s.r.l. IT Industrial Engigneering
Castel s.r.l. IT Manufacturing
Colgar International s.r.l. IT Engineering Mechanics
GIOVANARDI s.p.a. IT Manufacturing Metal Engineering
GUT Edizioni s.p.a. IT Publishing
Innovation School s.r.l. IT Training services
KONE Italia IT Engineering Mechanics
KSB Italia s.p.a. IT Engineering Mechanics
Mida Service s.r.l. IT ICT Logistics
Nexteria s.r.l. - ICT Telecommunications
PROJECT AUTOMATION s.p.a. IT Engineering Logistics Mechanics
Samsung Electronics Italia s.p.a. IT Manufacturing Electronics
SANDVIK Italia s.p.a. IT Manufacturing Mechanics
TECNO PLASTIC Engineering s.r.l. IT Engineering Plastic
Tricodor s.r.l. IT Manufacturing Textile Fashion
VIRMA s.p.a. IT Engineering Mechanics