Discover the economic fabric of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region: six sectoral clusters, AIDDA (the association of women entrepreneurs), Universities of Trieste and Udine, the higer technical educaiton ITS Foundations, the association of VET providers EffePi, joined their efforts to propagate knowledge and experience of the best companies of their networks, the result is a catalogue of business excellence available to host study groups in our region. Stakeholders contributing to the initiative are:


- AIDDA FVG delegation

- Furniture Cluster FVG

- CBM Consortium

- COMET cluster

- DITEDI cluster

- MAREFVG cluster


- UDINE University

- TRIESTE University

- AREA Science park

- EFFEPI association of vocational training providers 

- ITS (Technical institutes) : MITS-Made in Italy; ICT; Life technologies; Nautical Academy;

- USR FVG - Ministry of Education regional office


The catalogue maintenance is due to ENAIP FVG, Intermediate Body of the ESF FVG "Mobility" global sovvention, and by the Steering Commitee of the GO+FVG node.