GO+FVG : discover excellence in FVG companies


The GO+FVG catalogue of seminars provides a comprehensive cluster of discovery and thematic visits in companies of excellence of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region. The choice of the business and themtic paths are made by the six FVG sectoral clusters, AIDDA (the association of women entrepreneurs), Universities of Trieste and Udine, the higer technical educaiton ITS Foundations, the association of VET providers EffePi.

i, joined their efforts to propagate knowledge and experience of the best companies of their networks, the result is a catalogue of business excellence available to host study groups in our region. Stakeholders contributing to the initiative are:


The on-line catalogue provides description sheets for:


  • every company adhering to the initiative, thus acepting to host study groups visiting their premises;
  • che ha aderito all'iniziativa GO+ accettando di accogliere gruppi di studio in visita presso le proprie sedi;
  • each seminar proposed by the partner companies (length, speaker, content);
  • che le varie imprese propongono (contenuto, la durata, il relatore);
  • the structure of the themaic circuits builted around relevant themes.


All the companies offer a basic visit, the so called "economic discovery visit", usefull for study and professional guidance, while the thematic seminars are optional.

The dates of the visits are agreed with the companies by the GO+ node coordinator on the base of the needs of the training provider allowed to access to the catalogue visits (i.e. secondary schools, vet providers, universitites). GO+ training is not available for individuals.






Go+Node : GO+FVG

List of circuits

Circuit Sector Next edition
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List of seminars

Seminar Company Next edition Length
L'evoluzione dello stampo nella produzione SCM Zanussi - 3 h
La Lean inconsapevole SCM Zanussi - 4 h
Lean Awareness: primi passi verso l'efficienza Lean Experience Factory - 4 h
Scopri la Brovedani Group Brovedani Group - 2 h
Scopri Lean Experience Factory Lean Experience Factory - 2 h
Scopri LionSteel LionSteel - 2 h
Scopri SCM Zanussi SCM Zanussi - 2 h
Scopri Vipaco Vipaco - 2 h
Total Productive Maintenance (TPM): how this application works within the company organization Brovedani Group - 4 h

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