GO+ Discover the economic fabric of MALTA

The Catalogue of seminars in company of the MALTA GO+ network is a cluster of study visits or economic discovery carried out in companies with premises in the island territory. Those study visits are half day or one day seminars that can be combined in clusters (seminars grouped by theme) by the training providers managing the catalogue.


The catalogue contains a descriptor sheet for every company which adhered to the initiative. Every company can has its own training offer of one or more seminars. Seminars can be clustered in circuits around specific themes.

A descriptor sheet is provided for each seminar specifying the content, the speaker name, the lenght. The training offer always includes an economic discovery visit flanked by one or more thematic seminars depending on the will of the companies.


The users of the catalogue are any school, VET provider o University members of the GO+MALTA training providers network. The dates of the visits are agreed with the companies by the GO+MALTA network coordinator.

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List of circuits

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List of seminars

Seminar Company Next edition Length
3D Printing - Starting-up From the First Layer Thought 3D Ltd - 2 h
Business Diversification - the good, the bad and the ugly Mighty Box Ltd - 1 h
Cake & Biscuit Technology ELTY Food Ltd - 1 h
Designing Successful Concepts Trilith Entertainment Ltd - 1 h
Discover DA VINCI Bakery Da Vinci Bakery - 2 h
Discover FIFTH FLAVOUR Fifth Flavour Ltd - 2 h
Discover MALTA DAIRY PRODUCTS Malta Dairy Products Ltd - 2 h
Inner workings of an up-and-coming software company Altaro Ltd - 2 h
The reality of becoming an entrepreneur and starting with an idea but without financing FlatNumber Ltd - 1 h
Understanding food products & ingredient labels A basic course in Food & Technology ELTY Food Ltd - 6 h

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