Lunatic Visual Studio



The company Lunatic Visual Studio is a producer with overflowing talent that transforms a customer idea into a full satisfaction of it.

It contributes creativity and advises on every aspect of interest in what is presented to them.
They are professionals with experience in all formats and we have the best collaborations in all stages of production (Advertising - film - interactive - series - TV)

They optimize and manage budgets so that your idea reaches a good end and with the expectations that you were looking for.

They make all the technical production so that the presentation is a success.

It has the best professionals to maintain the quality demanded by our clients: Producers, Directors, Directors of photography,

Screenwriters, Camera Operators, Art Directors, Editors ...

We put the icing on the audiovisual content. We select the best shots, give them the best color and add a dash of excessive taste. (Editing - composition - Design - Motion graphics - Coloring)

They advise you, we do it and even if you need it, we create your digital marketing campaign. Your videos and messages will reach all your customers as quickly and effectively.


Audiovisual Production, Postproduction, Event Production, Digital Marketing


Sector: Audivisual production
Country: Spain
Address: C/ Valentín Beato, 11, 3ºB 28037 Madrid
Zip: 28037
Province: Madrid
Phone: + 34 913 04 96 73
Fax: -

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