Santa Lucía born in 1922, at Santa Lucía street, on La Coruña city.


In 1931 it takes the form of joint-stock company and in 1943 the previous generation to the current managers, passes to lead and manage the Company, whose name was Saint Lucia S.A., Seguro Popular. At the General Meeting of Shareholders of May 17, 2007 the name change was agreed, and since that date, Saint Lucia S.A. Insurance and Reinsurance Company.


Until the early 50s, the first headquarters in Madrid was in the street Preciados, date when he moved to the Gran Via no 68. At that time marketed exclusively santalucía Burial insurance. In the sixties when he began his opening to other classes of insurance, starting with the Fire Insurance and, ten years later, with Life Insurance.


In the current headquarters of Plaza de Spain No. 15, designed by the architect Juan Pan da Torre 1967, it has developed the activity of the Company in the last forty years. Over time and with the expansion of the business expansion needs were detected, so in early 2000 next to the present building, designed by the architects Ignacio Vicens and Jose Antonio Ramos was purchased, constructed a modern building which it has allowed the expansion of the facilities of the Headquarters.


Sector: Insurance
Country: Spain
Address: Plaza de España, 15
Zip: 28008
City: Madrid
Province: Madrid
Phone: +34 91 538 08 29
Fax: -

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