The Prešov Regional Chamber of SCCI AGENCY is a group of stakeholders and training providers managing the local network of training companies and the related catalogues and calendars of local seminars and international circuits in the Prešov Region.

AGENCY activities are managed by a workgroup whose appointed members are:

Coordinator: Helena Virčíková – PRC SCCI Prešov
Operative coordinator: Juraj Kupčiha - PRC SCCI Prešov
Labour market expert: František Kupčiha - PRC SCCI Prešov
Training expert: Peter Monka – APEIRON, s.r.o. Prešov
Training expert: Slavomír Kožár – Stredná priemyselná škola elektrotechnická Prešov
Training expert: Matej Kováč - SPINEA s.r.o. Prešov
Training expert: MBarbora Halžáková – ELCOM s.r.o. Prešov
Secretary: Andrea Chromá – PRC SCCI Prešov

International circuits

Circuit Sector
The best marketing practices in selected SMEs in Prešov region Food, chemical and hotels and similar accommodation
Town Prešov-Engineering and Electornics town Engineering and plane industry/Electronics

Local Catalogues

Catalogue Circuits Seminars
There are no catalogues


Sector: Local Network Maintenance Body
Country: Slovakia
Address: Vajanského 10
Zip: 080 01
City: Prešov
Province: PSK
Phone: +421 51 7580062
Fax: +421 51 7732413


The actual composition of the LNMB partnership is as follows:


Stakeholder Country
Prešov Regional Chamber of Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry SK

Training providers

Training provider Country
Stredná priemyselná škola elektrotechnická Prešov SK

Local training companies

Training company Country Sector
Aquacity Poprad SK Hotels and similar accomodation
Doma a.s SK Food
Elcom s.r.o. SK Electronics
Renojava s.r.o. SK Chemical
Spinea s.r.o. SK Engineering
Tomark s.r.o. SK Engineering and plane industry