CECE, Confederación Española de Centros de Enseñanza


The Spanish Confederation of Education and Training Centers (CECE) is a non-profit training and employers´ and professional organization founded in 1977. It represents a wide educational sector in Spain from nursery school to university level.  It has more than 2.000 Education and training centers among its members, what implies around 1.000.000 students and 60.000 teachers.

CECE institutional roles are: the management of updating for educational agreements; the negotiation of the collective agreements for this sector; the representation of this sector in the collegiate boards with educational participation; institutional presence in the Spanish Employers Organization (CEOE) and in some international organizations in which it takes an active role as well as the relationship and contacts with Education Public Authorities.

CECE is member of the international organizations: EFVET (European Forum for Technical and Vocational Education and Training), ESHA (European School Headmaster Association) and ECNAIS (European Council of National Associations of Independent Schools).  and EAN European Antibullying Network.

CECE gives support to his members in 5 areas:
1. organization of LLL courses for teachers; (About 687 local training courses and 6.000 participants/year
2. implementation of technological innovation in its members;
3. internationalization of the members;
4. Assistance in the implementation of the EFQM Excellence Model in its member institutions;
5. Legal consultancy for the member institutions.


Sector: Training and Education Sector
Country: Spain
Address: c/ Marqués de Mondejar 29-31
Zip: 28028
City: Madrid
Province: Madrid
Phone: +34 917251475
Fax: +34 917261117