The keys to effectiveness in training in prevention

The training in preventive matters to the workers of the companies in Spain is a legal obligation, reason why nowadays it becomes essential to be able to work mainly in the professional scope of the construction.



Grupo IPR  wants to make this training a responsible awareness, so that the participants in their courses of prevention of labor risks, identify the training as a tool more of their work, that will help them to control the risks and reduce their possible accidents.

One of our objectives is to make available to companies that require our services a personalized training program with different modalities of delivery, homologated, plural, adapted to the normative and flexible.



It is essential to motivate and encourage good preventive practices in students so that they can then carry out their work correctly and safely.


Today, training should not become a punishment but a prize for knowledge and life.

tipo de seminario: Seminario Temático
Empresa anfitriona: Grupo IPR
Catálogo: EU Circuits MADRID
Relator: Ruben Rodriguez
Duración: 2 h