The sale of products online: opportunities and risks.

The arrival of e-commerce and global giants like Amazon or Alibaba threatens the classic small business and drowns the big ones. The competition is no longer thousands of miles away, it's here, just a click away.


But the tool that kills can also be the tool that saves. The big challenge is in growth and internationalization, to be big enough to compete on a global scale. Although it is still very difficult to compete for scale, there are strategies that were closed to smaller companies that are now possible and have a number of economic tools at their disposal.


For MUSICOPOLIX the online sale of its musical instruments and its network of franchises is the main pillars of its prosperity. In the seminar they will present their business experience.

Type of seminar: Thematic seminar
Training company: MUSICOPOLIX
Catalogue: GL+ MADRID
Company speaker: Ariel Staryfurman
Lenght: 3 h