Occupational Health and Competitiveness of Companies

Since the European Directive 89/391/EEC on the introduction of measures to encourage improvements in the safety and health of workers at work, establish the obligation and lines of harmonization of national legislation on prevention of occupational hazards, in a very short time in Spain has undergone major transformations in Spanish companies.       




While the main objective is to avoid the dangers arising from production activities or services, a time now, these activities are also valued as a factor in competitiveness, which are crucial in times of crisis.             


Even more companies incorporate actions in the level of health that goes beyond the workplace and try to raise awareness about other aspects such as eating habits, practicing a sport, medical voluntary and confidential screening for early identification pathologies, or road safety.                    


Companies participating in this circuit will present how such preventive activity may represent an improvement in productivity and therefore competitiveness in the company.


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Seminario Empresa anfitriona Duración
Efficiency in labor health investment, a factor of competitive IBERDROLA SA 3 h
Entrepreneurship in a new field: the prevention of occupational hazards PREVERLAB SPA 2 h
Healthy habits. Competent workers. Competitive companies. SOCIEDAD APRENDIZA CONSULTORES SL 2 h
How to improve competitiveness and absenteeism, through health promotion policies Grupo CORREOS 3 h
The keys to effectiveness in training in prevention Grupo IPR 2 h
The prevention of occupational risks and the quality MEDYCSA 3 h


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