Digital Innovations serving Business Excellence in Lombardy

The aim of this circuit is to offer foreign delegations of students, entrepreneurs or workers in visit an accurate focus on the advent of digital technologies also in view of a step-by-step approach to “Industry 4.0” paradigm within the Lombard Region, and in particular of those companies that represent its excellence in terms of digital innovations.

The opportunities for improvement related to adopting ICTs in a knowledgeable, pervasive, integrated and strategically linked to business can be a new organizational paradigm, that will allow you to know the evolutions and potential risks of the future with the benefit of carrying out business processes: efficiency, speed, quality, new capabilities to serve known markets, or to reach new markets or create new products / services.

This circuit includes the participation of 5 companies in the territory of Milan and Monza Brianza, who, despite the fact that they belong to heterogeneous industrial sectors, are united by the propensity to digitize: participants will know enterprises that have made technologies a core element of their core Business and others that are approaching the “Industry 4.0” paradigm in order to innovate their way of being and doing business. The peculiarity of the circuit is therefore to highlight such specificities by dropping them in Lombard production and economic context.


Following is a brief description of the participating companies:


CASTEL, the leading Italian company in the refrigeration and air conditioning components sector established in 1961 and in the years that grew and consolidated thanks to a strong and constant search for innovation, has recently launched a process of gradual introduction of concepts and mechanisms typical of “Industry 4.0”, a process that will lead Castel to fully automated and interconnected industrial production, enabling virtual and real world fusion by integrating digital technologies into business processes, in order to offer new solutions, new products and new business models.


GIOVANARDI, founded in 1919 as a craft company of stamps and inks, is specialized in the field of technology for the design of points of sale and involved in the design and development of ad hoc solutions to meet every specific customer needs. Over the last few years, the company has introduced, in almost all of its areas, innovative digital technologies that enhance its production, which have led to almost total automation of the entire process.


INNOVATION SCHOOL - TAG is an innovative and digital education school that provides training programs that help people and businesses to work with passion, to grow up and to be leaders in an increasingly digital world. Being digital its strength, the company will highlight its holding position in sector and will give participants an in-depth analysis on the relationship between new entrepreneurship and digital innovations and on how they are useful for developing new business opportunities or business changes (the so-called "Digital Transformation").


The MIDA SERVICE company, which has been working in the IT field for 10 years, offering qualified IT technical support, hi-tech logistics and technology transportation services, will present the impact that digital advent has had on the whole management of its core Business, being particular careful to the Configuration and Hi-Tech Logistics Services and demonstrating how the opening up to digital technology has led to a revision and upgrading of traditional business activities.


PROJECT AUTOMATION - a leading company in the field of engineering of telemisuration, supervision and control systems applied to the markets for the Environment, Mobility and Civil Automation, Transport and Public Utilities - will focus on the digital technologies at the base of the continuous innovations of its systems of supervision and control of its design, and in particular on the integration of the most innovative electronic and telematics technologies necessary for the realization of complex systems and mechanisms.

All the in-depth themes offered by the companies participating in this circuit will be preceded by a brief presentation of companies in order to provide visitors useful contextual elements to better understand the proposed subject.

The single parts of the circuit can be chosen according to the specific interest of the participants.
The circuit lasts 3 days and includes seminars in company both in the morning and in the afternoon, but it can be extended to 5 days in case these thematic seminars are linked with other touristic-cultural discovery programs of the territory (to evaluate).


Maximum number of group components: 15
Cost: 0.00 €

List of seminars

Seminar Company Length
Get to know COLGAR Colgar International srl 2 h
Get to know Innovation School Innovation School srl 3 h
Get to know MIDA SERVICE Mida Service Srl 2 h

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