Corporate Marketing Strategies of Lombard Companies

The purpose of this circuit is to offer foreign delegations of students, entrepreneurs or workers in visit an accurate topic on local and international Marketing Strategies developed by some of the company's top excellence in Lombardy. In particular, it will be devoted to deepening the so-called "Strategic Marketing", which studies the needs of individuals and companies by analyzing the reference market, the products already present and the company's resources, and the so-called "Operating Marketing", that plans all those activities (from the definition of the business mission to the identification of the most appropriate strategies) that will achieve the strategic goals of the entire corporate organization.


The circuit includes the participation of 5 companies in the territory of Milan and Monza Brianza, who will make customized interventions, even in view of some international Marketing Strategies. The peculiarity of the circuit is therefore to highlight such specificities by dropping them in Lombard production and economic context.


Following is a brief description of the participating companies:


CASTEL, the leading Italian company in the refrigeration and air conditioning components sector established in 1961 and in the years that grew and consolidated thanks to a strong and constant search for innovation, will participate in this circuit illustrating its Marketing Strategies, with a special focus on International Marketing since that Castel is present in 90 countries around the world and has opened its subsidiary "Castel Refrigeration (Shanghai) Co., Ltd" in China in order to support the development of exports to the East Countries.


INNOVATION SCHOOL - TAG, an innovative and digital education school that provides training programs that help people and businesses to work with passion, to grow up and to be leaders in an increasingly digital world, will focus on “Growth Hacking Marketing”, a scientific and scalable digital marketing approach that allows to generate users and convert them in customers, especially useful when launching start-up or new products, and Tag will be the first training institution to organize a study path ad hoc in Italy.


The MIDA SERVICE company, which has been working in the IT field for 10 years, offering qualified IT support, hi-tech logistics and technology transport services, will focus on the so-called "Marketing of Services", aimed to promote the service as intangible goods and in order to compete on the market by gaining a competitive defensive advantage over time and on the importance of spreading to its customers the concept that skills are transformed into product only on the field.

TRICODOR, which has been active in the fashion market since 1989 as an exclusive agent and distributor of Italian and international brands in the sector of women, children, brides, men and accessories, will present a focus on the international Marketing Strategies adopted by the company's management over the years focusing the attention to the so-called "Differentiated Marketing", as Tricodor adjusts its offer depending on the origin country/market of its customers.

Founded in 1972, VIRMA GROUP manufactures precision metal components using the latest technology. Its adherence to this circuit will lead to a deepening of marketing of purchases and emerging foreign markets, with a quick look at the phenomenon of globalization and the impacts that it has generated within the company.


All the in-depth themes offered by the companies participating in this circuit will be preceded by a brief presentation of companies in order to provide visitors useful contextual elements to better understand the proposed subject.


The single parts of the circuit can be chosen according to the specific interest of the participants.


The circuit lasts 3 days and includes seminars in company both in the morning and in the afternoon, but it can be extended to 5 days in case these thematic seminars are linked with other touristic-cultural discovery programs of the territory (to evaluate).


Maximum number of group components: 15
Cost: 0.00 €

List of seminars

Seminar Company Length
Get to know CASTEL Castel srl 2 h
Get to know Innovation School Innovation School srl 3 h
Get to know MIDA SERVICE Mida Service Srl 2 h
Get to know TRICODOR Tricodor srl 1 h

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