A training journey through the flavours of Piedmont



Food and wine tradition represents one of the main features of the touristic development mode of Piedmont. The culture of well-being/well-living, inspiring subject of a quality based offer, set in the exceptional level of typical Piedmontese products and in the richness of the subalpine culinary tradition a very important cornerstone and an extraordinary value to be promoted.
Over the last twenty years Piedmontese agriculture has focused on the specialization of typical high quality production:
Piedmont is one of the first five Italian regions for the number of Traditional Agro-Food Products (PAT) certified and recognized at national level by the Ministry of Agriculture.
This process has made Piedmontese products highly valuable in export: agri-food sector exports goods for 2397 million Euros and the import touches 2227 million Euros, a positive progression trend of about 7%.

As per numbers and characteristics of this important sector, not only of the Piedmontese but more in general of the Italian economy, we propose a visit dedicated to the agro-food industry, from agricultural production to industry, often artisanal, from food processing to food service industry/catering.

The circuit consists of 6 business realities in the agro-food sector. The “training journey” offers to visitor diversified contexts:

- The agricultural dimension, with the activities proposed by La Cascina dei Conti (especially with the production of ground grain, beer and snail breeding).
- Local craftsmanship of quality products in the confectionery sector: Galup, Caffarel and AnticaPasticceria Castino (Trilli).
- The retail and distribution industry concept applied to agro-food according to the principles of healthy, equitable and clean (Eataly Pinerolo).
- Mass catering through Flunch's experience.

Five out of these business realities (Caffarel, Galup, Eataly, Antica Pasticceria Castino and Cascina dei Conti) are located nearby Pinerolo, the territory in which mostly operates CFIQ.





Located in the rural area of Pinerolo overwiewing the Monviso peak, the fields of the Cascina dei Conti farm  are cultivated with respect to nature: cereals are processed without changing quality and properties. Over the centuries, local varieties and types have been selected and cultivated, according to adaptation to climatic conditions and productivity. This environmental and biological heritage represents the "agricultural biodiversity".
The abandon of those "cultivar" was leading to the loss of this environmental heritage, but local people strength and willingness to re-discover forgotten food and ancient tastes, lead us to re-start producing old varieties of wheat (Gran Turco Pignoletto, Ottofile, Grano Saraceno).  The transformation of these ancient "cultivar" is processed with an old natural stone mill, the only way to maintain the characteristics of cereals and corn, preserving the most valuable nutrients for our body: proteins, vitamins, enzymes, mineral salts.
The main products of Cascina dei Conti are: whole wheat flour, Pignolet flour, rye, einkorn flour, beer, snails.



Caffarel was born in 1826, when chocolate was only an exotic specialty in Europe and few people had heard of and even less had ever tasted it. In 1826 Paul Caffarel opened his lab in Turin, and thanks to him the city became one of the chocolate capitals. In those years of continuous wars, cocoa was a rare ingredient in Europe. The Gianduiotto, the most extraordinary invention of Caffarel and one of the most memorable specialities in the world of chocolate, was created combining cocoa and roasted Piedmont hazelnuts.
Caffarel only uses the best Italian hazelnuts freshly selected, picked and roasted, according to our high standards together with the finest cocoa beans. Mixing them is an art that we have mastered in over 190 years of history offering you the ultimate velvety chocolate experience.
Caffarel produces our chocolate according to the same artisan culture that inspired Paul Caffarel back in his lab in 1826. The unique Gianduiotto production method called “extrusion” is the way to recreate the manual gesture of the chocolate artisans to make you experience that soft and velvety drop.
The attention to details and the high quality of the packaging make Caffarel a perfect gift.


Galup is a name, an original recipe, a Panettone that stands out from all the others. Before Galup, the only panettone around was the Milanese variety. The low panettone with hazelnut frosting was invented by Mr Pietro Ferrua, who was born in Langhe region before then settling in Pinerolo, near Torino. A brilliant, tasty innovation that offers a new take on an ancient tradition from the Lombardy region, giving rise to a new staple of fine Piedmontese pastry-making. The recipe has been fine-tuned over the years, but the basic characteristics have remained the same as those created by Pietro Ferrua back in 1922, which led to his pastry shop earning the title of licensed supplier for the Royal House of Savoy.
Ever since, Galup has been made in the same territory in which it was created. Over the years, the company has grown and acquired a national and international commercial dimension and Galup has established itself as a recognized Italian product of excellence.
The story continues and renews with style, remaining faithful to its name, to the people who helped make it famous, to the village that is now participating with great enthusiasm in the revival of its production and commercial undertakings. The range acquires new testimonials, new combinations of flavor and sophisticated fillings. Brand communication attain a new lease of life through a new image and packaging, adding a touch of modernity to this great tradition and increasing brand visibility and appeal.


From 1925 to 1965, Castino Giuseppe has sweetened the life of Pinerolo's citizens. He is the creator of the famous Zurigo cake, a layered cocoa and crème chantilly cake, coated with dark chocolate flakes and decorated with cherries under spirit. At the end of the year 2014 the historical pâtisserie located in the heart of Pinerolo (Turin, Italy) was reopened and restored to its former glory by the Cosso family. Besides the glorious Zurigo cake, the maître pâtissier Davide Muro, proposes other delicious treats like Cioccobosco, Fruttuosa (sponge cake base filled and covered with fresh fruit and chopped pistachios), the transalpine Paris-Brest and a wide selection of pâtisserie mignon (sweet and salty).
A real jewel of the piedmontese artisan pastry.



The word Eataly is the result of the fusion of two words: EAT and ITALY. Eataly therefore means "Italian Eating", not only Italian Food. The Italian Eating approach is the result of the fusion of more elements such as local food production, Mediterranean cuisine, local food history and culture, "re-adaptation" of traditional food and the positive contamination received from other countries (like for instance the American origins of tomatoes and corn). The biggest aim of Eataly is to show how high quality products can be available for all: easy to find, affordable and not only... Eataly wants to communicate faces, production methods and the history of people and production companies that make 'high quality' foods, that make up the best Italian food. The Eataly brand was created by bringing together a group of small companies working in different sectors of enogastronomy.
EATALY PINEROLO joined the GO&LEARN network.




Presente sul mercato dal 1971, FLUNCH è una catena di ristoranti self-service nata e sviluppata in Francia (con oltre 300 ristoranti) e presente anche in Italia con 9 punti vendita. Inserita nel grande gruppo europeo della Agapes Restauration, la catena dei ristoranti FLUNCH fa capo  all’universo Mulliez costituito da importanti marchi fra i quali Auchan, Leroy Merlin, Decathlon, Kiabi, Pimkie,  Norauto.
L’avventura dei ristoranti FLUNCH in Italia prende il via verso la fine del 1989 quando viene inaugurato il primo ristorante all’interno del centro commerciale Auchan sito in Corso Romania a Torino.
Nel corso degli anni la clientela italiana inizia ad apprezzare sempre di più la formula proposta dal ristorante FLUNCH il cui nome, deriva dalla fusione di due parole inglesi (fast e lunch) entrate ormai a far parte dello slang francese.



The training - journey will last from two to three days, plus two travel days. The circuit offers the opportunity to visit six Piedmontese business realities.
Seminaries will be organized in the morning or afternoon according to the group’s need. The first meeting will be dedicated to the economic discovery of the territory at regional level.


It will be possible to add one more day to the visit programme, to discover culture and tourism of the Piedmontese area.





Maximum number of group components: 15
Cost: 0.00 €

List of seminars

Seminar Company Length
Discovering the flavors of the past CASCINA DEI CONTI 2 h
From artisanal production to industry CAFFAREL SPA 2 h
Mass distribution and excellence… EATALY PINEROLO 2 h
Sweet details… CAFFAREL SPA 2 h
Tradition and innovation in the Piedmontese confectionery craft production GALUP 4 h
“Menu” logistics FLUNCH ITALIA SRL 2 h

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