Lake Constance - way more than just apples!

Lake Constance with its mild climate and the unifying function between four countries (Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein) offers ideal conditions for a variety of products in the food and agricultural industry. Especially fresh vegetables and fruits are known and loved beyond German borders. Who doesn´t combine Lake Constance with its apples, wines and other products?



The following companies are related to the food and agricultural economy. From small family-run businesses to big suppliers - the whole variety of the region is present in these companies. During a visit you can experience the peculiarities of the products of Lake Constance, their cultivation, production, processing, but also issues such as logistics, marketing and trade. A wide range of new experiences and impressions is guaranteed.



A compilation of visits, according to the participants interests, can be carried out, for periods ranging from three to five days, depending on the number of visited companies. Each visit gives general informations about the company in order to present and deepen the practical work. By joint discussions the visitors groups can learn many new things and have a look at the food and agricultural economy.

The following companies open their doors and you can join them for a backstage view on their daily work:


  • dwp eG, seated in Ravensburg, is one of the leading fair trade companies in Germany. The most important groups of products are coffee, tea, spices, specialities and delicacies. Get to know more about how a global production and purchase under fair conditions is possible.


  • Fruchthof Konstanz GmbH is a specialized fruit, vegetables and tropical fruit wholesaler. Every day about 350 customers from the gastronomy, large kitchens and retail trade are supplied with fourteen own trucks. The turnover is around 10.000 tons per year. A logistic masterpiece!


  • The Fuchshof is situated in Dingelsdorf on the Lake Constance. The family farm offers insights into the typical fruit cultivation of the Lake Constance area. The company produces also from their own fruit juices, jams, brandies, etc. From farming to business – Get to know more!


A framework programme (restaurants, city tours, etc.) can at request be arranged for the visitors groups. This is individually planned and adapted to the group.


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List of seminars

Seminar Company Length
From farming to business Fuchshof 2 h
From raw products to delicious juices - Fruit processing at its best Schlör Bodensee Fruchtsaft AG 2 h
Fruit and vegetable wholesaling - a logistic masterpiece! Fruchthof Konstanz GmbH 2 h
Global AND fair business dwp eG Fairhandelsgenossenschaft 2 h
Life and business unusual Der Brennesselhof 2 h

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