Flanders and Brussels: big in the food industry! – Business related topics

The companies of the food circuit are located in Flanders and Brussels. There is a well-developed food production sector, which deserves to be studied and visited.


Circuit Content
This circuit involves large and smaller operators in the food industry. Each of them realized promising evolutions and gathered knowledge and experience on many aspects. Their successes were possible because of well-developed business strategies, which is the focus of this circuit. During the company visits, you will learn how companies use these business strategies to realize a strong position on the market. Managers and experts explain how things are done in their company and illustrate with real life examples and practices. The scale of this circuit is broad and many topics can be handled, for example marketing strategy, project management, communication plan, knowledge management, best practices, human resource management, time management, etc.

The circuit goes into more detail in business related topics. It is aimed at managers, young entrepreneurs, experts within a certain business related sector, or people that have experience and knowledge of doing business. The goal is to attract people who wants to apply the acquired knowledge in their own business.


Circuit Organization
The circuit consists of three company visits, spread among three days. Every visit comprise two parts. Part one gives a general introduction of the company. Part two focuses on one or more business related topics. Through interaction, discussion, cases and workshops, knowledge transfer between the visitors is encouraged. The following companies open their doors and provide a look behind the scenes of their daily work:




Company 1: Carlsberg Importers
Scale of the company: 45.000 employees
Visitors: young entrepreneurs and marketing specialists


Carlsberg Importers has the exclusive rights to distribute, commercialize and marketing certain international and own brands. The international brands are Carlsberg Group (Carlsberg, Tuborg, Elephant, Somersby, 1664, Tourtel), Feel Good Drinks and Dr Antonio Martins Coco. Carlsberg Importers own brands are TAO, Bionina, Ramee and Besos. The mission of Carlsberg Importers consists to become the leader with "premium" (international) brands by focusing on the added value of these brands towards customers and consumers.



Company 2: Colruyt Group

Scale of the company: > 25.000 employees
Visitors: business students, young entrepreneurs, logistic experts


Colruyt Group. 80 years ago, the family company Colruyt opened their doors. The supermarket soon knew a big success with their lowest price guarantee, and developed in one of the larger retail companies in Belgium. They developed the Colruyt Group, consisting of many shops and brands, active in four countries.  Their prosperity is due to strong business strategies and methodes. They excel in logistics. A fluent and efficient delivery methodology contributes to their success.


Company 3: Delitraiteur
Scale of the company: < 50 employees
Visitors: business students, young entrepreneurs, marketing and communication specialists


Delitraiteur. Offering instant, high quality meals is the key business of Delitraiteur. More than 200 instant meals are available for customers in 35 shops around Belgium. Delitraiteur provides a wide assortment of soups, meals, salads, breads, baked goods, artisanal ice, wines and champagnes. A number of these products are provided with the quality label ‘Intelligent Nutrition’, a certificate for healthy food. High importance is attached to customer service. For that, the shops are open until 10 pm, every day, even on Sundays and holidays.


Maximum number of group components: 15
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List of seminars

Seminar Company Length
Carlsberg - an international beverage company Carlsberg Importers 3 h
Colruyt Group - 80 years of successes in retail Colruyt Group 3 h

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