Companies of food industry in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county

Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county’s agriculture and food industry has a long traditions. Vegetables and fruits produced int he county are well-known not only in Hungary, but all over Europe and all over the world. Food industry of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county is able to produce produce a series of excellent products, which are became the customer’s favourites products in the last decades.
Mainly fruits are very famous and popular, for example the szabolcsi apple and the szatmári plum. County’s brandies (Hungarian name it’s pálinka) are very famous and popular too, they are made of local fruits. 
The 2-3 days circuit includes a lot of useful informations for the visitors about the work and history of companies. Companies take a share in the vocational practical training and they can give some important information about trainees and vocational practical training for the visitors.



Zsindelyes Commercial House Ltd. - Érpatak

The Zsindelyes Commercial House Ltd is one of the biggest brandy distillery of Hungary which got this name about the place, Zsindelyes farm, where the factory is situated. With this name the company would like to emphasize that they poduce such kind of  brandy which is typical in the region. The brandy distillery was established in 1984 with a classical brandy distellery equipment, when the company only undertook brandy cooking for the local fruit growing farmers who lived in their gheografical evironment. But from 2004 there operate only a commercial brandy distillery producing the highest quality brandy from the brought fruits and after bottling get to the stores’ shelves.
The Zsindelyes Brandy has got about 300 awards since 2004 and a lot of professional recognitions which arise form the constant quality perceptions- this is very important and the main aim for the management of the company. The most popular brandy is the tressed sourcherry brandy of  Újfehértó, which boasts more  than 15 recognitions, got more gold and champion awards, and the Hungarian Quality Product Award too.



Pa-Comp Ltd. - Újfehértó

We established our company as a family enterprise in ŕjfehťrtů, a small town in Szabolcs-SzatmŠr-Bereg county, in 1993. It has been 100% Hungarian-owned since the day it was set up. Initially, our main profile was the packaging and distribution of dried legumes. To start, we had only a few products available, such as borlotti beans and yellow split peas. We constantly monitor consumer trends and market movements, and have shaped our current product range and image Ė that can stand its ground on any segment of the global market Ė accordingly. Over the years and in addition to expanding the packaging side, we also started to introduce an ever-increasing number of products into the manufacturing process, as a consequence of which today we are able to satisfy consumer demand as the market leader packaging company with the broadest range of products in Hungary. These days we have reached the point where we process nearly 10,000 tonnes of dry products a year. In 1996, we launched the manufacture and distribution of our own products alongside our established dry products packaging. Particularly important among our own lines are the flavoured extruded maize products, available on the shelves of supermarkets in 11 flavours, as well as the Wellnut walnut replacement mixes (patents pending), winner of the Hungarian Quality Products Award, and baking ingredients and fillings. From 2001 we started introducing ISO9001, ISO22000, IFS and BRC quality assurance and food safety management systems, the operation of which has further reinforced the trust our clients have in us. Our products are available in all the supermarket chains in Hungary and an increasing number of chains abroad, too. Thanks to the sustained hard work of the past near 20 years, our company and its products have received numerous awards: Industrial Enterprise of the Year Award in 2005, House of Hungarian Quality Award in 2007 and again in 2009, the innovation prize in 2008, Hungarian Quality Products Award in 2009, Enterprise of the Year in 2010, and the Pegazus Prize in 2011. Our company has remained a family enterprise; what the parents started, the second generation has carried forward. Our commercial director and one of the owners of the company is a Calvinist pastor, and thus we can say that the greatest value of our company is represented by the workforce. Accordingly, the basis of our future can be said to lie in quality products, a group of employees we hold in high regard, and faith in God.



KisSzabó Ltd. - Nyíregyháza

Our company has two McDonald’s restaurants. We wait our guests from 0 till 24 hours. Our supply contain next type of dishes and drinks: sandwiches, salads, hot and cold drinks, specialities of ice cream, cakes and variations of coffee. We organize birthday parties and we can serve  special menu and recreation ground to families.
We have serious experience in vocational trainig, we have a cook and waiter students every year.

Maximum number of group components: 8
Cost: -

List of seminars

Seminar Company Length
KisSzabó Ltd. - The international brand with the hospitality of Szabolcs county KisSzabó Ltd 4 h
Pa-Comp Ltd. - The real Hungarian family enterprise PA-COMP Ltd. 4 h
Zsindelyes Commercial House Ltd - The home of Pálinka Zsindelyes Commercial House Ltd. 4 h

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