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Circuito Situación LNMB Sector
A journey into Automation IT G&L PIEMONTE AUTOMATION
A training journey through the flavours of Piedmont IT G&L PIEMONTE AGRI-FOOD
Between flavours and knowledge. Maniago cutlery industry, an history of water, earth and fire. IT G&L FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA Metalworking
Companies of food industry in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county HU G&L SSB NYÍREGYHÁZA Food industry
Corporate Marketing Strategies of Lombard Companies IT G&L LOMBARDIA Corporate Marketing Strategies
Corporate Social Responsibility in the Food Industry BE G&L VOKA - ODISEE Food Industry
Creative joining of tourism, wellness and learning to build the regional trademarks PL G&L POMERANIA GDANSK Hotels and similar accomodation
Development of new technologies in Pomeranian companies PL G&L POMERANIA GDANSK New Technologies
Digital Innovations serving Business Excellence in Lombardy IT G&L LOMBARDIA Digital Innovations
Digital technologies and Innovation in Friuli Venezia Giulia IT G&L FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA ICT
Disability & Companies: Attracting talent and business opportunitites ES G&L MADRID Varios
Diversification in Gastronomy: moving towards a healthier and niche market MT G&L MALTA Food Manufacturing & Nutrition
Economy and sustainability?? Economy and sustainability!!! DE G&L LAKE CONSTANCE Sustainable businesses and products
Evolution from a one (wo)man business to a multinational BE G&L VOKA - ODISEE Food industry
Flanders and Brussels: big in the food industry! – Business related topics BE G&L VOKA - ODISEE Food industry
Growth in Flanders, Brussels and the Netherlands BE G&L VOKA - ODISEE Food industry
ICT for Business, Leisure & Commodity MT G&L MALTA Information & Communications Technology
In the discovery of the wines’s region. FR G&L AUVERGNE-RHONE-ALPES Wine
INNOVATION DESIGN in the Veneto Region IT G&L VENETO Design
Lake Constance - way more than just apples! DE G&L LAKE CONSTANCE Agriculture products and food industry
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